Standard Live Center


Standard live centers have a precision ground 60° point.

Bell Head Live Center

Bell Head Live Center

For holding castings, forgings, large diameter tubing, cylinders and pipe. Bell Head live centers have a 10° taper ground spindle onto which one of five interchangeable adapter heads fit to accommodate a wide variety of work diameters with minimal overhang.

Bell Head Adapters

Adapters for Live Centers

Interchangeable adapters for bell head live centers

Our Products are Individually Tested, Inspected and Unconditionally Guaranteed Since 1933

Concentric has never sacrificed the quality inherent in its original design, but has achieved continuous improvement.

We believe that those who appreciate the long life and super accuracy of Concentric Live Centers also appreciate our maintaining this high standard of quality while meeting the challenge of today’s escalating costs for material and labor.

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